Artwork of the boy and his sister.


The boy with two humans to the right

Humans are found in Limbo. They seem to be children. They are always hostile to the boy and will frequently set traps for him. It is impossible for the player to actually reach or touch one of them, because they are either inaccessible or run away. They are sometimes seen controlled by maggots. They will either be tall, thin, and almost looking bald, or short, fat, and clearly having hair. They will run away and set traps for the spider.

Though there definitely are more dead children in Limbo, the precise number of alive can't be defined. There are however seen at least 4 alive children before the encounter with the Nameless boy. One theory is, that there are six persons else than the boy and the sister:

  • The first is tall, bald and carrying a stick. Is seen at the fake spider. Short after, he throws flaming wheels after the nameless boy. Hereafter, he is seen setting up some traps, just before the real spider comes. Right before the spider is killed, he is seen again, seperated with the protagonist by a spike pit. Last time he is seen alive, he had set the crushing trap up, standing and watching the nameless boy.
  • He is assumed to be killed by the 3 hunters.
  • The fifth is his companion. He is shorter than the first, and has  more hair. He is killed, when he is forced by a maggot to drown himself. 
  • The sixth is seen setting up a beartrap, then climbing up in a treehouse.He is later seen dead,killed by the spider after the boy escapes the boy's fort.

Concept art of the Gang of boys.