The hunters are a group of boys who appear in adittion to the Nameless Boy. They, however, are hostile and will try to kill the boy whenever possible. There appears to be a leader, who is the tall, lanky boy. The first way they interfere with your progress is when a boy operates a fake, mechanical spider. When you get past that, you will see him and he will run away very quickly. The second time you see them is right after, when they roll flaming debris at you. They also have a bunch of treehouses, where they set Bear Traps to get you. There are many dead people hanging up in the map, likely killed by the hunters. It is presumed that they set the trap with the fake person who appears to be a life-size ragdoll, and the giant "wrecking ball". The last time you see them, they will be waiting for you after the deadfall trap and the hydraulic presses. They will chase you, attempting to shoot poison darts at you. The leader will fall in a spike pit and the other two will fall victim to the hydraulic presses.