Water is introduced early in the game, and whereas it dosent have that big of a role at first, several levels and puzzles are focused around water and water physics midway through the game.

The water effects are handled realisticly in Limbo, as the Boy moves through the water, it splashes and ripples. The water also causes a dissourtion effect to anything submerged.

Gameplay EffectsEdit

Water is a hazard to the Boy, as he cannot swim. If the Boy's head is completely submerged he panicks, flails his arms, and drowns, releasing a cloud of bubbles to indicate his death. Movement is slowed in water, and jumping distance is greatly reduced, making it impossible to ford large pools or lakes by "jump hopping". There is only enough jump distance to hop to a ladder and escape rising water. In order to cross large bodies of water, the Boy implies the use of a small sailboat, some boxes, even dead bodies.


  • If the Boy is killed by spikes underwater, then a cloud of dark blood is released instead of bubbles.